Friday, September 12, 2003

Minnesota: Senator Michele Bachmann v. Evolution

I don’t think I have ever been prouder of Minnesota Senator Michelle Bachmann, District 52, of Stillwater. I heard her on local radio last week, defending the right of our children not to believe in the theory of evolution. Senator Bachmann appeared on AM station KKMS as a guest on a popular talk radio show, “Talk The Walk”. Broadcast on weekdays, “Talk the Walk” is thoughtful defense of the Christian worldview hosted by former stand-up comedian, Tod Friel. Mr. Friel also uses his program to expose and sometimes ridicule trends, events, and people that are un-Christian, pseudo-Christian or anti-Christian.

It took courage for Senator Bachmann to go on this show and reveal how evolution is even now being forced down the throats of our children; there are very few politicians willing to tell the truth about the liberal conspiracy to teach evolution in our schools. Among the bombshells dropped by Bachmann during her radio appearance were the following:
1) (Evolution) is a theory that has never been proved, one way or the other.
2) The fossil record is a dearth, meaning not much, evidence of evolution.
3) Evolution is a belief; evolution is not a fact.
4) Senator Bachmann charged that the State of Minnesota is going to compel its students to prove that evolution is “true”, and at the same time prohibit students from bringing in evidence to the contrary.

It was a magnificent media appearance by a legislator who has made education one of her chief priorities. Bachmann’s only doubtful moment came when a rude, aggressive caller to the show named ‘Dave’ phoned in and asked her if she knew what the definition of evolution was. Caught off guard for a moment, Bachmann recovered and replied wittily: “Why don’t you tell me?”

That should have shut the caller up, but he was persistent and asserted that if Bachmann was going to vote on the issue, it is important that she know what she was voting on. Flustered, Bachmann asked the caller if he was talking about ‘Spontaneous Generation’, an apparently irrelevant reference to the discredited medieval theory that life originates from dead matter. “Is that what you think evolution is?” asked the caller.

Bachmann’s personal definition of what evolution is became unclear at that point, but she went on to say that a grain of wheat plus a starfish does not equal a dog, and that this was what evolutionists were teaching in our schools. At just about this point, host Todd Friel interrupted the caller and accused him of ‘sabot-too-gee’ (Friel’s clever slang term for ‘sabotage’); Friel said that he, Friel, was not going ‘let this happen’ to Senator Bachmann. The caller was apparently put on hold while Friel bid goodbye to Bachmann, who was apparently in a hurry to leave and do something else at this point.

When Friel returned to the air after the commercial break, he questioned the caller persistently about his faith and theology. Friel asserted that it was possible for a person to be a Christian and believe that the Earth was billions of years old, but pointed out that Jesus Christ Himself had pronounced against the theory of evolution in Matthew 19:4. The caller pointed out that God has given us a brain as well as the Bible, and that not all of the Bible was meant to be taken literally. Shortly after that, Friel and the caller parted company.

But all of this is by-the-by. The important thing to remember is that evolution is merely a theory, just as ‘atomic theory’ and Professor Einstein’s ‘theory of relativity’ are just theories. By the way, I believe (and I am sure Senator Bachmann would agree) that the Minnesota schools should not force ‘atomic theory’ and the ‘theory of relativity’ on our students, either. I hope that Bachmann will also publicly oppose the bigoted clowns currently teaching ‘atomic theory’ and the ‘theory of relativity’ as if they were fact.

William Prendergast is the author of the crime thriller ‘Forbidden Hollywood’ and is not sure what he is descended from.


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Truthseeker said...

Michele also doesn't believe in global warming.

God Bless Her
and God Bless Minnesota!

Flat Earth Society Link Below

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At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Ankit said...

A "theory" in science is not the same thing as a "theory" in layman terms. The theory of gravity is called the gravitational theory. Do you propose that we don't teach that gravity exists in schools?

At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

getting scared to read such things! I pray to god she never will be the one accessing the red buttons in US army. Whats up with US? More stupid and corrupt then th Islamic fundamentalists!!


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