Monday, November 14, 2005

Poll Results: Rosa Parks Honors Appropriate

The results of our latest poll indicate that an overwhelming majority of those surveyed supported the decision to allow late civil rights activist Rosa Parks to lie in state at the Rotunda in Washington. The honor is normally reserved for deceased Presidents of the United States and great American military heroes.

Ms. Parks became an icon of the American civil rights movement after she refused to give up her seat on a racially segregated public bus to a white passenger. Parks was arrested, jailed, and ultimately convicted of violating the Montgomery, Alabama segregation code and “disorderly conduct” for refusing to give up her place on the bus. Her act of civil disobedience is considered a landmark moment in the African-American struggle for equality under the law.

More than seventeen people participated in the survey, which was conducted “on-line” here at the “blog” on the “Internet.”

Eighty-nine per cent of those polled agreed that Parks should be allowed to lie in state at the Capitol Building. None of those surveyed would have voted to deny Ms. Parks the honor.

Seventeen per cent said that Parks should be allowed to lie in state but would have to get up if some white man wanted to lie there.

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