Wednesday, November 09, 2005

School Board Election Results

Thanks to Christopher for getting me the word on election results. From the Pioneer Press, Nov 09, 2005:


Newcomer Kathy Buchholz and incumbents Roland "Bud" Buchman and George Thole came out on top Tuesday night in the race for three spots on the Stillwater school board.Buchholz, a 48-year-old Afton resident who is a former science teacher and an active school volunteer, handily garnered the most votes.Buchman, 77, a Stillwater Township resident and school board member for 29 years, came in second. Thole, a 66-year-old retired teacher and Stillwater Area High School football coach, placed third.All three will serve three-year terms on the board.Challengers Mike Redmond of West Lakeland Township and Stillwater residents Tom Nacey and John Rheinberger lost their bids.

So Thole squeaked by, taking third place again, eh? And John Rheinberger's "endorsement" of himself in his own "newspaper" did not work. That's good, because success would have bred imitation and we would have been receiving more self-published newspapers by wealthy candidates in future elections--"The Coach Thole Times-Picayune Endorses Thole!", etc.

Well thank God that's over. Best of luck in the future to all who won, all who ran, and especially to all who voted.


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