Saturday, November 05, 2005

The School Board Election, Again

I, for one, will be glad when it's over and I can return to guiding the affairs of the nation.

But here's some more local stuff: in her latest to me, Margot Rheinberger parenthetically refers to the possibility that her brother, candidate John Rheinberger, might be appointed to the School Board rather than elected. She seemed to be under the impression that I printed this scenario in the newspaper.

I didn't. The notion that Rheinberger might be appointed to membership on the board by the conservative bloc (without election) is not mentioned in my column. Ms. Rheinberger either read it here on the blog, heard it from someone else, or came up with the suggestion on her own.

So she seems to have inadvertently let this slip in her email to me. But I would say that a John Rheinberger appointment is in fact a likely scenario if Rheinberger loses the election and Choc Junker is forced to retire. (Junker still hasn't issued a public denial of the retirement rumor.)

I am told that John Rheinberger and George Thole are old cronies, used to drive to meetings together, that kind of stuff. One commentator to this blog suggest that Margot Rheinberger is advising Thole as well as her brother on the current school board election. Rheinberger was a prominent member of the city council before he lost his seat in the last election, so it's not like no one ever heard of the guy.

A least we have avoided the worst case scenario. That, in my view, would be write-in votes for Kate Carlsen. Finally, a victory for local liberals and progressives.


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