Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Iraq: Proof That The "Surge" Is Working

by Dirk Dodd

In a recent speech, President George W. Bush drew attention to two bloggers—Iraqi brothers Mohammed and Omar Fadhil; both dentists, living in Iraq—who are posting upbeat messages about the ‘improving situation’ on the ground in and around Baghdad. While the two do operate their own blog, the President was in fact actually referencing four lines excerpted from a chat room conversation conducted between the two. Here are the first four lines as quoted by the President:

"Displaced families are returning home, market places are seeing more activity, stores that were long-shuttered are now re-opening.”

“We feel safer about moving in the city now.”

“Our people want to see this effort succeed.”

“We hope governments in Baghdad and America do not lose their resolve."

And here is the rest of the blog, in its entirety:

Omar: Hold a moment, the doorbell is ringing. I wonder who could that be.

Mohammed: Go see. I will finish your thought for you. You were going to say, ‘We hope governments in Baghdad and America do not lose their resolve and cut and run like liberal dogs...'

Omar: I am returned. Mohammed, you will never guess who is at the door.

Mohammed: Who?

Omar: United States Senator John McCain! He was out walking the neighborhood just now, doing some window shopping and exploring the real estate market. He stumbled upon a pick-up game of basketball, and tells me they are looking for ‘two more.’ He knows of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop along the way—his treat.

Mohammed: Praise Allah! Sounds like fun. For something a bit more filling, though, try the newly re-opened Hummus King.

Omar: No chance. You cannot get a table, what with all the displaced families returning home. HK is booked solid into June of next year. Senator McCain lunches outdoors at Café American most days. He has graciously invited me to join him and General Petraeus there later when the General gets back.

Mohammed: Where is the General now?

Omar: Out riding his bicycle around the city.

Mohammed: Riding his bicycle? Is he crazy?! With gasoline so plentiful and prices so low it’s cheaper, almost, to take his unarmed, unarmored Humvee.

Omar: I agree. He insists, however, on taking his bicycle for the higher profile and greater accessibility it affords him to the Iraqi people. Knowing the General, he is stopped somewhere along Liberation Boulevard right now, chatting up townspeople, swapping American flags for boxes of sweets and expressions of heartfelt and eternal gratitude.

Mohammed: Tell him take great precautions on riding his bicycle! Rose petals can make for a slick riding surface.

Omar: I will tell him. Will you join us later for the outdoor chamber music concert?

Mohammed: Yes. Where is that again?

Omar: George W. Bush Square. Construction on it is complete; tonight will be the dedication ceremony. Richard Perle is cutting the ribbon.

Mohammed: I will pick up Hosni and meet you there.

Omar: Does Hosni not work on Saturdays?

Mohammed: Did work. Have you not heard? He got laid-off from his job down at the morgue. Ever since the American troop surge, business there has fallen off dramatically. Talk about ‘dead.’ Ha ha…

Omar: lol. Later…

The author, Dirk Dodd, is a one-legged mechanical bull rider who lives and works in Staten Island, New York. Well, not really, but his email wasn't working when I wrote to him and asked for a biographical blurb. So this is what he gets.



At 11:11 PM, Blogger Chris Truscott said...

Very good, Dirk.

At 12:32 AM, Blogger Prendergast said...

Yes, he is whimsical, isn't he? And we got him cheap, too.


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