Friday, December 16, 2005

International: Poll Says Saddam Judge Should Use Photon Torpedoes

Fifty-six per cent of Americans surveyed believe that the judge presiding over the Saddam Hussein trial should respond to a possible rocket attack on the courtroom by threatening retaliation with photon torpedoes.

More than eight people participated in the online poll conducted on this website last week, which has a margin of error of about—ugh! HEART ATTACK! MY PILLS! THEY’RE IN THE DRAWER! NO, THE TOP DRAWER—UGH! Oh… ahh… there, that’s better. Back to the poll…

Thirty-three per cent of those surveyed wanted to know where these “rocket attack” guys were during the O.J. trial.

An eleven per cent minority of those polled said a rocket attack on the trial of Saddam Hussein would be permissible if Saddam showed up with his karaoke machine again.

To participate in this week’s poll, click on one of the responses to question that appears in the sidebar at right.


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