Friday, December 23, 2005

National: That’s This President’s Holiday Message to America?

From Reuters newswire, December 18, 2005:
Bush to Americans: 'Do not give in to despair'

Do you see now why practically everyone in the world knows that George W. Bush simply does not "get it?"

He's telling Americans "not to despair"? That's an insult! Americans never despair, jackass. We didn't even despair when the British burned Washington, D.C.! Not during the Civil War, not during the Depression, not during the decades of nuclear threat during the Cold War. America is not a country that despairs, America is the country that identifies problems, works to solve them, and never gives up.

Sometimes we lose, but even then we continue to fight until we win again. That's been the way of America for more than two hundred years, and that's how it will be in the future--once competent leadership returns to the White House.

The Americans who hate Bush's adventure in Iraq feel that way because the present leadership deceived them and continues to deceive them--about the need to go to war with Iraq, about the ease with which the war would be won, and about the real motives of the administration that led us into war.

There's never been any doubt (in my mind, at least) that America could subjugate and dominate Iraq and impose a government of its own choosing in that nation. The reason I oppose the war is that that goal is not worthy of the United States. That's not building freedom, it's imposing the charade of democracy at gunpoint. It doesn't make the world safer from terror, it increases the numbers of the terrorists worldwide.

But why would I despair? Why does Bush assume that any Americans are despairing? They know that the Constitution will drive Bush and his cretins from office at the end of his term, and at that point America will be given another chance to renounce his murderous, cynical, and counter-productive war. Competent leadership in the White House would bring the might and wrath of this nation down on its real enemy--Al Qaeda and its affiliates. Millions of Americans already see Bush's Iraq war for what it is--a bloody and useless sideshow that's already killed tens of thousands, even as Al Qaeda continues to recruit.

I've never despaired of America or its capacity for victory over terror. I know that this country, given intelligent,responsible and realistic leadership, can use its formidable military, political and diplomatic resources to destroy Al Qaeda; to destroy any terrorist network. It only took us four years to destroy Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire, for Christ's sakes.

I usually write political satire. What if, after watching the Bush-Gore debates of 2000, I'd published a column warning readers that if they voted for Bush, they'd end up listening to him five years into his Presidency asking them not to despair? How many of you would have believed me?

The only thing I've ever come close to despairing of is that hopeless, dim-witted cry-baby in the White House, who sits there wringing his blood-stained hands and has the nerve to tell us not to panic.

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