Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stuck In A Cheap Motel By The Side Of The Information Super Highway

Kenneth Lay CONVICTED! Well, I knew it was all over for him when they found that "bloody glove". I'm watching him on Larry King right now; comes across as very trustworthy. Ken says he's "incredibly sorry" about all the people he's hurt and "grieves for them." What a sweetie. No wonder the Prez liked having him around so much (pre-indictment.)

Anyway--I have not written in to the blog for nine straight days because I have been carbound, heading back home to Stillwater. I had planned to file my reports from the road, but the drive took us from New Orleans through the deepest part of the Deep South. They don't have Internet access in the motels down there; when a motel down here advertises "wireless," they mean there aren't any wires in the place AT ALL.

Towns with names like "Chiggerville, Mississippi" "Cretin's Corner, Arkansas", "Toad Suck, Missouri"--"Ticksburg," "Bush Lick", etc, etc--their communications network is a bunch of folks climbing telephone poles and shouting into tin-cans hooked together cross-county with kite strings. It is overseen by some switchboard operator named "Ethel" who connects everybody's calls (and listens in, too, if they shout loud enough.)

But now I am back in civilization (well--Wisconsin) and will be filing more "tales to astonish" as soon as they come in.

God Bless You and Keep You All, And Me Too--
William J. Prendergast


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