Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Michele Bachmann's 'Fiscal Conservative Roots'

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By Christopher Truscott

After dropping the Taxpayers Bill of Rights like a bad habit as a member of the Minnesota Senate, Michele Bachmann, now an embattled first-term congresswoman, has once again linked herself to meaningless feel-good rhetoric.

After voting against "pay as you go" budget rules and earmark reform in January, it appears Bachmann is trying to return to her "fiscal conservative roots." Of course voting against real legislation -- while backing bumper-sticker slogans that do nothing to address the massive deficit run up by this administration -- is an affront to those who are trying to get serious work done.

After all the "not friendly" media coverage the congresswoman has earned, she must be jumping at the chance to change the subject. Unfortunately, however, this agenda has the same misdirection-play quality as shouting "Hey, look over there!"

American Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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