Sunday, March 11, 2007


Christopher Truscott

I've got about 100 pages to go in Bob Woodward's latest State of Denial, which details how things went so wrong in the Iraq War. (I've actually had the book for months, but since Woodward gives away all the good stuff on the pages of the Washington Post, I was in no hurry to start.)

He paints a bad picture -- nobody in the administration, including the president, could stand up to Donald Rumsfeld. So much for the "buck stops here," as the president's new-found hero used to say.

After reading this, I think Woodward ought to re-release Plan of Attack, his book on the run-up to the Iraq War, with a new title: No Plan of Attack -- No Damn Clue.

Karl Rove is working on the president's legacy. Wonder how he spins this...

Note: You can buy Woodward's book and William Prendergast's thriller Forbidden Hollywood at

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