Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poll Results: "Unleashing Hell" in Iraq Not a "Tough Enough" Solution For Stillwater Tribune Readers

The results of last month’s survey are in. We asked readers about what they thought of the results of another online survey -— another “first” in on-line polling, brought to you by the Stillwater Tribune.

We reported that a poll conducted by the nationally popular conservative blog redstate.com asked its readers to select a solution for our difficulties in Iraq from a number of different multiple choice alternatives. A majority of redstate.com readers (sixty per cent) voted in favor of proposed solution number four: "unleash hell."

Then we asked Stillwater Tribune readers: what, if anything, is wrong the “unleash hell” solution?

Fifteen per cent of our readers pointed out that we had “already tried that.” Another fifteen per cent said that they liked the “unleash hell” solution; that it sounded like a line from a movie they’d pay to see. Twenty-three per cent claimed that you can’t micro-manage war policy like that.

The great majority of our readers (forty-six per cent of those surveyed) said that such a solution was “too warm and fuzzy” for them and showed an undue regard for human life.

More than a jillion billion killion people participated in the survey, which has zero per cent margin of error.

Take a moment now and participate in this week’s survey, which you will find below and on the right of this page. Keep scrolling down, you’ll see it. Then select one of the answers and click on the little button. No one will know who you are, so no one can come to your house and confront you with a baseball bat because your opinion is different than their own.



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