Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good news--well, kinda sorta. Maybe. Ah, who knows?

MPR Polinaut reports that the Independence Party will be meeting in Bloomington for their endorsing convention on Saturday. Geez, that's today, isn't it?

The news angle here is that the IP may not endorse any of their own Senate wannabees. They may do a "no endorsement" until Ventura announces whether he's going to enter the race.

But we will be watching the result anyway, because of the Bachmann angle:

...Convention delegates are also thinking about endorsing DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. He's running against GOP incumbent Michele Bachmann...

Here's why that's important. The 6th Congressional District of Minnesota includes a number of IP voters. In 2006, the IP ran John Binkowski as their candidate against the DFL's Patty Wetterling and the GOP's Michele Bachmann. Binkowski lost but he took a small percentage of the vote with him at the polls.

Now if the IP endorses DFL'r Tinklenberg (former transportation commissioner for the Ventura administration) and deliver the same percentage for the his candidacy against Bachmann--that could be a difference that makes a difference, this time around.

MPR Polinaut link.

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