Monday, January 30, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Actually, this is answers to some of the letters to the editor.

As I say, I am working out of this copy shop down in New Orleans until my computer is repaired. Thus, some of my copy is hurried, a little less "polished" than I would prefer.

I can't always get back to correspondents right away.

Everyone: If you are curious about local school funding, you will find some specifics and background in the dialogue that is going on between readers Eric and "tn" below.

Eric--I will see if I can dig up a copy of the old "Three Amigos" column for you somewhere.

Chris--Thank you for your City Pages suggestion. So far, no word from the Pioneer Press--their reporter has not returned my calls or answered my email, but I will keep working it until she does.

Thanks to those who sent along Karl Bremer's email address.

Show Business notes: Yesterday I was passing a local bar and noticed that they were holding open auditions for a disgusting sex-horror film called "Goregasm." To prove that I have no political aspirations in Stillwater or elsewhere, I went in and auditioned for the role of "Drunken Bar Patron". I did a reading on camera and was told that I would be contacted when a decision was made. I don't know if I got it; but I think I had a good energy going. So keep your fingers crossed for me; I get killed in this picture but if I'm good it could turn into a semi-steady gig.


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Stillwater Infidel said...

Junker Scoop. The power brokers in the school board election are.

Kristie Hlavacek (former school board member) Afton Resident.
John Sievert also of Afton.
Kathy Saltzman (running again LeClair for the Senate seat)of Woodbury.
Jerome McKoskey (George's buddy and the guy behind Hoffman and Kunze.) of West Lakeland.

They bullet voted Kathy Buchholz and George.
The reasoning... George is the only one who can get the levy passed.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Prendergast said...

thank you, infidel!


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