Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Orleans: The Word From Troy, Your Working Boy

Mayor Nagin's in trouble down here because of that crack he made on Martin Luther King day about New Orleans remaining a "chocolate city"--i.e. a city of black people. It isn't, and I don't understand the man's political instincts--nobody likes him, so he decides it's time to play "the race card." Most of the black voters and politicians don't like him; they see Nagin as "the white man's black mayor."

So I don't get this "chocolate city" strategy of his; the day after he said it, folks were out in the streets selling "Mayor Willy Wonka Nagin, Mayor of Chocolate City" t-shirts (No kidding, they were; the t-shirts have a picture of him all dressed up like Willy Wonka with the Wonka Chocolate Works in the background. It was a big seller.)

Nagin apologized for saying this was "Chocolate City" and that that was God's will, but I must admit that it makes me and my wife a little uneasy, being the two newest marshmallows floating around in a big cup of post-Katrina urban cocoa.


At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

an attempted chocolate city solution is

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ray Nagin and the Chocolate City." Coming this Summer 2006. It could be the newest installment in 21st century blaxploitation cinema!

Or, it could be directed by Michael Bay if you want some sweet hurricane scenes, or Tim Burton if he's not busy making another puppet movie.

Of course, I'll bet that the director of "Bareback Riders" isn't doing much, either.

It's b.o. GOLD, baby!


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