Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stillwater Tribune “Reader Quote of the Month”

From a reader comment sent to the editor on January 9th, 2006:

“Personally, I prefer to take responsibility for my own words and deeds.”—Anonymous

Isn’t that astonishing? I mean, take a second, and look it over again. Look at the claim the author is making about himself, and then look at how he signs his name.

Amazing, isn't it? Even more amazing when you have the context—the author made that statement while attempting to upbraid me for not taking responsibility for what I wrote on this blog and in my former newspaper column. He’s claiming that in a “who’s better at taking personal responsibility for their words and deeds” contest between him and Bill Prendergast (who signs his real name to what he writes), he, the guy who signs himself “Anonymous,” would win! Now do you people see what I have to put up with?

Don’t get me wrong—I encourage people to write to this blog anonymously if they have information and opinions to share and don’t wish to be identified. There are good reasons to write in anonymously, even if you’re writing in to say something critical of poor old Bill. But to sign yourself “Anonymous” and then go on to claim that you’re a person of superior personal accountability, all without even being aware of how absurd—

Well, I believe I have made my point--and succinctly, too. The Stillwater Tribune continues to encourage anyone who wants to write in anonymously in the future with news, story ideas, information and opinion. I also encourage that particular Anonymous to write in again to tell us more about his finely-tuned ethical sensibilities. It is inspiring.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That made my day!


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