Thursday, January 05, 2006

International: Hunt For Bin Laden Stalled Again

It's good to be back again, ladies and gentlemen. No sign of bin Laden in northern Mexico, but I got several very nice bass.

I did ask one of the locals whether he had seen bin Laden, and he got very excited and he seemed to be saying that he had seen him, and that he would take me to him. But it all turned out to be a scam to get me to visit his brother-in-law's low-rent souvenir shop full of t-shirts and stuffed armadillos and other crap like that. (They ended up selling me an "I HATE TERRORISM" coffee mug for fifteen dollars American--which, on reflection, is way too much.)

Another wash-out. And once again I cannot deduct the trip on my income tax this year, because if I don't bring bin Laden back with me it doesn't count as legitimate expenses for "national security." Damn these bureaucrats!


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