Monday, February 13, 2006

Poll: Many Skeptical About Bush Confidence in 2006 Economy

A new survey indicates that many Americans are concerned by the President’s confidence in U.S. economic growth in the upcoming year. President Bush announced that he was confident about the economy in 2006.

Twenty-three per cent of those surveyed agreed with that the job market has become stronger since the nation converted to Bush’s new deficit spending/endless warfare economy.

Another twenty-three per cent deduced that Bush was expressing confidence because Red China had extended America’s credit rating again.

Only one per cent of respondents thought the President claiming that he couldn’t do any worse on the economy next year than he’s done in previous years.

An astonishing forty-six per cent of those surveyed were skeptical of the President’s prediction and claimed that any time that man says he’s confident about something, it’s time to get out the duct tape and seal up the windows with plastic sheeting.

The price of gasoline has increased by about one dollar per gallon since Bush and Cheney, former oilmen, took office. The good news is that the rate of inflation on consumer goods has not increased nearly as dramatically. This means that you are not paying a lot more when you buy things at the store (unless you use your car to get there. If you and your family live inside a shopping mall or supermarket, you are sitting pretty when it comes to beating inflation.)

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At 11:57 AM, Blogger Stillwater Infidel aka NSA said...

What about my heating bill? I think it's inflated? We are in deep in sooo many ways. Sell your assets. Bury it in the ground. Consumer confidence is not good. Home sales dropped 15% in the last three months of 05. Can you say depression?


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