Saturday, March 25, 2006

Media: No Response From Pioneer Press Reader Advocate

I mean, really! I sent them a very pleasant email about a week ago, very specific questions, polite tone and all that--and no answer. Nothing. They won't even give me the raspberry.

I don't get it. I'm a reader, I have questions about a matter of public interest, I write in to the person at the Pioneer Press who is supposed to address these issues--and they don't even answer?

Next Monday I will write to the "Reader Advocate" again to try to determine if there is even anyone there. For all I know, they have it set up so that incoming emails to the "Reader Advocate" go directly into the "Trash" Folder. What the hell is the point of inviting people to write to the Pioneer Press' "Reader Advocate" if they won't even answer?

Here is a draft of my next email to the PiPress "Reader Advocate":

Dear Sir or Madam:
Hello, is there anybody there? I sent you an email last week and no one answered. I received a phone message from a PiPress employee about two weeks ago, telling me to write to the Reader Advocate if I had questions about Pioneer Press news coverage. If there really is someone there reading this, would you please answer? I need to know that the PiPress actually employs a human being to read email sent to the Reader Advocate. Please write back, if you receive this. Please sign your name, too.
William Prendergast
etc. etc.

I'm sorry to bother you people with this. You probably have your own troubles, I suppose.


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