Friday, March 10, 2006

Stillwater: Junker Story Update

Just a quick note to let you local readers know that I continue to pursue the Junker story. Latest development: I sent a copy of the "story so far" to the reader advocate at the Pioneer Press, with requests for answers and comment. Let's see what happens!

I had written to the PiPress' Washington County Education reporter again, but still she hath not deigned to answer. She wouldn't even write to me with an answer my question about whether or not the PiPress had an ombudsman for its readers. (They do, sort of, but I guess Ms. Boldt didn't feel like telling me about it. One of our regular readers here at the Stillwater Tribune was kind enough to steer me toward the right department.)

I will not bore you with my letter to the PiPress Reader Advocate here; it is yet another plea for help and information and since it includes a summary of events so far it is quite lengthy. If I get any answer from "the Reader Advocate," you may read that.

It is troubling that the person who is fielding questions and complaints about news coverage for the PiPress will not identify himself by name--this person is simply identified to the public as "the Reader Advocate." Is this so that the holder of the office can maintain an aura of imposing mystery, or is it because they hire a different temp employee every week to answer complaints about their ethics and practices?

I can remember a day when journalists used to fight to get their name on something; now apparently they're fighting to keep their names out.


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