Friday, March 03, 2006

AP Sez: If Government Is The Problem, Gingrich Is The Answer

And we’re still not done with that AP news story—because it’s so chock full of right wing propaganda, we haven’t addressed the most ridiculous aspect of all: the fact that the Associated Press—in this very same piece--is trying to sell us on Newt Gingrich’s credibility and his attempted political comeback! And quoting Newt as if he’s some kind of “light at the end of the bad government tunnel”, as if Gingrich is an expert on how to reform government!

Gingrich claims to be the just the boy who can reform our government, and the AP gives him free national coverage to plug his candidacy? BWAHAWHAW! Newt Gingrich is a moral hypocrite, a lobbyist’s darling, a Washington insider to the core. And he’s a chronic wrecker; his gift is for destruction and division, not consensus-building as necessary for leading Americans. Gingrich was the “mastermind” behind the “Play Up The Monica Lewinsky Affair” strategy of the GOP Congress; he stopped the business of the nation so that he and his pals could try to “get the Clintons.”

He was politically vaporized by his own henchmen when the impeachment strategy not only failed, but backfired. And he is the acknowledged founder of the corrupt and pork-ridden GOP Congress that has been in the majority ever since they took the oath of office--invoking Gingrich’s name when they did so.

And now Tom DeLay’s mentor and former master says that he’s going to clean up all the corrupt careerist bastards he helped to put in office in the first place—and the Associated Press is running puff pieces on him?

Don’t any of these writers for the AP follow politics?


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