Friday, October 12, 2007

Bar patrons to Thompson: Don't stand in front of the TV!

"...we're tryin' to watch the game, ya jackass."

Look at this, from a list of candidate gaffes:

When Republican Fred Thompson stopped by a Manchester, N.H., sports bar recently, the customers were more interested in watching the New England Patriots than shaking hands with the "Law & Order" actor.

"Down in front," one voter joked to the former Tennessee senator as the 6-foot-5 candidate blocked his view of quarterback Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots.

The disruption — he and the throng of journalists standing in front of a big-screen television — prompted Thompson to take his cheeseburger back to his bus and forced his host, Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, to offer up his untouched light beer to a nearby table.

What kind of a six-foot-five idiot stands up to block a big screen TV broadcasting a Pats game in a New Hampshire bar--because he thinks that will win him votes?

And brings a bunch of reporters with him, so no one can see anything? Jeez, would it have killed him to wait for half-time? Or a commercial, even?
What an inconsiderate dope. He's really losin' it, if he thinks that's the way to "charm" these guys.

Here's the link to article, a lightweight piece about candidate mis-steps.
Hillary and Obama get off pretty easy, although I think it's a mistake for Obama to talk to farmers about the big money to be made in the arugula game. Ethanol, Barack.



At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TV star candidate miscalculates. Handlers are yes men who fail to understand. Chaos ensues. Sounds like a scene in your dramas that fell in your lap. Yes, the fun ensues!

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Prendergast said...

"Yah, get out from in front of the TV, ya crazy old fart, he's gonna throw the ball! No, nobody wants to shake yer hand, get lost!"


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