Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dick Armey:"Forget it, GOP--Hillary WILL be president."

Look at this:

Republicans opinions vary greatly on candidates, presidential race

Posted: 10/12/2007

The political horizon for conservatives is bleak and will get worse before it gets better, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey said Thursday.

In an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Armey predicted U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will win the presidency next year, saying no Republican candidate is strong enough to beat her.

"The Democrats will win," Armey said. "I don't see any way that Hillary Clinton won't be president...

This is not a Koolaid *drinker* talking--this is one of the guys who made the Koolaid in the first place. This is Dick Armey, one of the leaders of the army of dicks who voted in Bush and the Republican Congress--and he's saying, a year before the election:

"It's over. We're done. Are you another conservative billionaire who's thinking about putting money into the Romney or Giuliani or Thompson campaigns? Forget it, you're pissing your money away. You might as well put your money up your ass this time, for all the good it will do you, you right wing oligarchs. It's over before it's even begun. I'm announcing it publicly,now, more than a year before the election.

No matter what happens between now and election day next year--even if we invade Iran, even if peace breaks out in Iraq and it rains gold there--it's Hillary.

We are well and truly fucked, conservatives. I'm sorry, you spent hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars through the last ten election cycles, and bought us our own political media. You delivered us a terrorized corporate media, 30% of the electorate that will never abandon us no matter how badly we fuck up, you delivered us the White House, the Congress, dominance in the federal judiciary--you put us squarely in the driver's seat, and we drove the car straight into a fucking brick wall of failed warfare, staggering debt, corruption and idiotic sex scandals.

"Sorry 'bout that," as Maxwell Smart used to say. The Limbaughs and all the Limbaugh knockoffs, the Murdochs, the Scaifes, the Hunts, the Coors, the Council for National Policy and the religious right--you bought us the country, as little as four years ago we still had it all sewn up, all the necessary votes and incumbencies and media and power to rule for decades to come. But we couldn't govern for shit, and seventy per cent of the voters know it. Put a fork in us, we're done, for the foreseeable future. Believe me, I know. I was one of the architects of the conservative Republican hegemony. I can count votes, and I'm here to tell you--we are fucked. Hillary's president, and the end result of twelve years of Republican dominance will be what we call "socialized medicine": health care for the American working people that we despise."

Look at that guy eat shit, after a lifetime fighting for the triumph of evil and selfishness and bigotry and division in American life. All that money, all that wicked propaganda for 27 years, and the end result is a Dem lock on the White House. Look at that guy announcing publicly that he believes that White House conservatism is as dead as a dinosaur, next election. Don't ever tell me that there's no real difference between the major parties and that the fight is for nothing.



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