Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rudy tries to charm evangelicals

This is a biiiiiig weekend. This is the weekend where Rudy is making his pitch to the evangelical political movement (EPM) to see if he can counteract the vow their leaders took to stop his GOP nomination. If he can persuade them to “get on board”—he stands a chance of winning the nomination and then the presidency.

If he can’t: he may still win the nomination, but he won’t win the presidency.

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Giuliani Appeals to Evangelical Voters

(Actually, the headline is inaccurate. Rudy’s problem is that he *doesn’t* appeal to evangelical voters. They’re not so high on Romney, either, but he’s more determined to cater to them and bring them on board.)

By Dan Balz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, October 20, 2007; 12:44 PM

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani implored an audience of religious and social conservatives to look beyond their differences over abortion and other issues as he sought to allay their fears that his nomination would mean the abandonment the GOP's core principles.

"I come to you today as I would if I were president, with an open mind and an open heart and all I ask is that you do the same," Giuliani said Saturday. "Pleases know this, you have absolutely nothing to fear from me."

(Giuliani: “Yes, I’ve had more than one wife. But I haven’t had more than one wife at *the same time*--I believe that’s wrong, unlike *some* candidates. And I worship the *true* Jesus Christ, the one mentioned in the *real* bible. Not some “knock off” version of Jesus dreamed up by some fugitive from the law out in Pennsylvania a hundred and fifty years ago. The Jesus *I* worship—IS Lord! Can I get an “amen?”
Crowd: AMEN!
Giuliani: When I get saved, I’m goin’ to heaven when I die! Not some phony space heaven dreamed up by a bunch of guys who want to legalize bigamy! Can I get an amen?
Crowd: AMEN!
Giuliani: I’m voting for Giuliani! Can I get an amen?
Crowd: A—(they stop short.)
Giuliani: Heh heh heh. Almost gotcha. Just kidding, I know we got a way to go here. Okay, turn on the power point. Now about me wearing that dress—there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for that—)

Giuliani used his highly anticipated appearance at the Family Research Council's Values Voters summit to reach out to a community that stands as the most significant obstacle to his hopes of becoming president...

(The Family Research Council; that’s the James Dobson group. Dobson and other prominent members of the Council for National Policy (CNP) resolved to stop a Giuliani candidacy, by forming a third party if necessary. “Giuliani’s too liberal; and Dobson hasn’t forgiven him on the air for serial infidelity, the way he did with Newt Gingrich. The CNP are the most powerful players in the unholy alliance between evangelical Christians, GOP powerbrokers, and former John Birch Society millionaires.)

...Giuliani argued that he and social conservatives (note: that awful media euphemism again; they are not “social conservatives”, they are “right wing evangelicals”) share more areas of agreement than disagreement. But he made no effort to disguise or downplay their differences. "Isn't it better to tell you what I really believe than to change my positions to fit the prevailing winds?" he said...

(Actually, Rudy’s becoming famous for doing just that. This week he met with the rabidly anti-tax Club for Growth in D.C. and told them that he would not support tax increases for any purpose. Only a month ago he was open to a possible tax increase to shore up SS, but apparently there was a “wind shift...”)

Giuliani was followed by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, an ordained minister who was quick to remind the audience of his longstanding commitment to their issues. "I come today not as one who comes to you, but as one who comes from you," he said.

(“Not like that *last guy* on the podium, who shall remain nameless. Give *me* the money.”)

Huckabee urged those in attendance not to be swayed by the issue of who is the most electable candidate but to remain true to their conservative convictions. Better to support candidates who "sing from their hearts," he said, than to follow those who "just lip-sync the lyrics from our songs."

(Ouch, that hurts. Just call him “Rudy Vanilli.”)

Huckabee said conservatives should never soften their positions on the issues of abortion and gay rights, noting that some things are not negotiable. "Let us never sacrifice our principles for anybody's politics," he said. "Not now. Not ever."

(“And gays who have abortions? Fuggedabouddit!”)

Giuliani drew applause with his commitment to keep the country on the offense in combating threats of terrorism, defending Israel and preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. "Our goal in Iraq," he said, "should be clear: victory."

(Yeahyeahyeah, if you gotta plan you been keepin’ back, you shoulda shared it by now, Rudy. That woulda been patriotic. Anyway, here’s that drag photo of him again, in case you missed it the first time:)

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