Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mrs. Fred Thompson Purges Thompson Campaign?

They’re executing top staff at the Thompson campaign and replacing them with former Bush energy secretary Spencer Abraham. That little minx Mrs. Fred Thompson is in “one of her moods,” apparently:

Fred Thompson shakes up campaign staff

By LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 17 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson is shaking up his still-unofficial campaign, replacing his top aide with a former Michigan senator and a veteran Florida strategist.

The shake-up comes amid consternation inside the campaign about the active role played by Thompson's wife, Jeri, a lawyer, media consultant and former Republican National Committee official.

(Is she really a lawyer? Wow. I mean, Wikipedia says that she worked as a political media consultant at a law firm—but she has a law degree and passed the bar? Really? I’ve looked around the Internet and can’t find a record of that, even though several news outlets have already reported that she is indeed an attorney. Anyway:)

...Thompson has a conservative Senate record and casts himself in the mold of former President Reagan. He was a reliably conservative vote against abortion, in favor of President Bush's tax cuts, for oil drilling in Alaska and against criminal background checks for gun show purchases...

...Republicans familiar with the Thompson circle said (Jerry Kehn Thompson) is an influential figure and that her role has been a cause of concern for some operatives signing on to the fledgling exploratory campaign.

She’s probably pissed at all the bad press about Fred lately. That “makes Daddy look bad,” she’s a media political consultant who thinks that “Daddy should look good.”

So is she running around firing the people who make Daddy look bad? Is that what the former Thompson staffers are referring to?

“Jeez, Ms. T, he told the Nixon White House that the Senate knew he had their conversations on tape, he told them that secretly when he was supposed to be investigating them, it’s not our fault that Fred fed them inside information when he was supposed to be investigating them—“
“I DON’T CARE! That’s not supposed to get in the papers!”
“But it’s on the record already, it’s a fact, we can’t stop the papers from printing a fact—“
“I DON’T CARE! P.U., you’re stinky! Get out! Tell him he’s fired, Freddie—“
“But sugar-lips—“
“Okay. (mumbles) You’re fired, son.”
“Me? For what?”
“It says in this paper that Freddie lobbied for a pro-choice group! Everybody knows that Freddie is a conservative, he’s AGAINST abortion!”
“But Ms. T, Freddie—I mean, Senator Thompson--*did* lobby for pro-choice, everybody knows he did, they’ve got the billing records—“
“AAAAAAA! I don’t want to hear it! Fire him, Freddie!”
“But angel-buns—“
“Oh, okay... You’re fired too, son. I’m sorry, but I’m takin’ her home, not you...dang, she’s a cute little thing though, ain’t she? A fine, *shapely* young girl--”
“I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SHIT! I WANT NEW CAMPAIGN PEOPLE! I WANT CREDIBILITY! Get me Spencer Abraham, he can black out all the bad stuff about Freddie, he blacked out the whole United States once! I WANT HIM! I WANT SPENCER ABRAHAM, NOW, FREDDIE, I WANT HIM NOW!!”



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